Your challenge may be very specific or it may be more general in nature. Emotional Wellness Center focuses on Relationship Counseling, Financial Coaching and Spiritual Counseling. For further details on our Financial Coaching click here! Our Spiritual Counseling has a new website coming soon!

Offering Video (Zoom & Skype, and phone counseling options.

Here is a list of additional services we offer that can be addressed and respond well to therapy:


Adoption Issues:
Adoptive Parents
Birth/Natural Family

Anger Issues


Chronic Pain

Couples Counseling


Divorce Grief / Recovery

Dysfunctional Relationship

Family Dysfunction

Financial Stress

Grief Recovery

History of Abuse or Neglect

Infidelity Issues

Panic Disorder


Religious Abuse

Self Esteem Issues

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Issues

Spiritual Crisis


Substance Abuse



I am passionate and dedicated to healing relationships. Relationships are the very foundation of our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Helping one person develop a healthy relationship mindset can have a domino effect that can impact hundreds of people. Research shows that having and maintaining healthy relationships can help people live longer, manage stress better, be emotionally healthier and feel prosperous. Would you want all of this? Of course you would. That is why my passion leads me to guide you in mastering a new relationship mindset and to facilitate what I call a relational shift.

I am also excited about working with stress, trauma and anxiety, whether past or present. I use research based techniques such as cognitive psychology, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and EFT to assist in your recovery process. If I feel you need help in an area I do not treat, I will refer you to the proper person.

Inspiration, Motivation & Transformation

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