Financial Counseling

Coaching and Freedom From The Money Trap!

  • Are finances a source of stress and worry in your life? 
  • Do you argue about money? 
  • Are you in financial trouble? 
  • Are you struggling to make the changes you need?
  • Are you overspending and underearning?
  • What is your personal financial philosophy?
  • Do you want to move in a positive direction with your finances?

Imagine financial freedom while being in control of your money and your life! Financial Counseling/Coaching can offer you that freedom. 

How does it work?

– Individual Financial
– Counseling/Coaching
– Couple Financial
– Counseling/Coaching
– Community Education
– Retreats/Workshops

– A complete money assessment
– A complete money biography
– Money typology
– Uncovering the roots and blocks to your financial freedom
– Increase your earning power

– Discover how money affects relationships; your spouse, your children and your work
– Create a wealth plan for success
– Create financial freedom

Interested in Financial Counseling/Coaching? Want More Information? Contact Lorraine Edey for scheduling and Financial Service Details!

Take our Money Type Quiz to find out your Financial Coaching needs!

The Emotional Wellness Financial Protection Book is a tool to organize hard copies of personal and financial information in an event of Identify Theft or Hacking.

The Emotional Wellness’s Financial Protection Book is available for purchase now! Contact Us to Purchase your copy!

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